Saturday, 29 January 2011

The yellow gas turning the townspeople into ghosts as a screen print

in this scene the boy josh is chasing his dog around the graveyard, the dog is trying to tell josh the names on the graves are the townspeople

The same image just darker

This is from the Goosebumps project, in this scene the ghosts have surrounded the children

Friday, 28 January 2011

The main character is a goose called Jimmy

The story also has a wise black labrador in it

More squirrels

This is a new project am I doing, its a story about a squirrel



Another amphitheatre

Its supposed to be the amphitheatre, but it does not look like it. Still quite effective though?

The same image again maybe a little clearer

In this image it is the story of how the whole town became ghosts.
They al worked in the plastics factory on the edge of town, without warning there was an accident and a yellow gas came out of the factory and turned them into ghosts.

The same image just darker

This is done in collagraph, it is the last scene of the story in which the family escape, yet Amanda spies some faces in the window.
Did the Ghosts really die? Was that Mr Dawes??

In black only

The same image again, but in black

The same image but with another layer of colour, it almost looks 3D

Mr Dawes has kidnapped the children and is taking them in his car to the amphitheatre, the children did not realise that Mr Dawes was a ghost

The children have successfully pushed the tree over and the ghost are melting as the sun spreads into the amphitheatre

This is a lino cut that I have done. It is not clear what is going on, but i will explain.
The project was theme i looked at the theme The Inbetween specifically looking at ghosts within childrens books. This is from the goosebumps book Welcome to Dead house, this scene is the end where all the ghost have gathered in the Amphitheatre to kill/eat the parents, however the children are pushing the old tree over to let the sun in and kill all the ghosts before they eat their parents.

This is a picture that I did that I sent to the university competition, we had to have the words call me Ishmael on them, a ship and a whale on it. I did not win, but the picture is in the penisula Arts Exhibition based on the story of Moby Dick, my picture is in an exhibition WOOHOO!!!

Oberon and Tytania marry.
The idea of the project was to get childrem more involved and interested in Opera and Plays, the characters can move and put into the different scenes.

Oberon and Tytania bless the couples, and celebrate in the woods

Helena is furious at Lysander's change of tone leads to a quarrel between Hermia and Helena, friends from childhood, and an angry quartet which exhausts the participants who run off in several directions. Puck fills the night air with mist, and contrives that all four lovers return one by one to the same spot and lie down next to their true partner without recognising them fall asleep

Puck seizes a chance for further mischief, crowns Bottom with an ass's head

Deepening twilight, the earth breathes. Oberon aND Tytania, King and Queen of the fairies, quarrel over Tytania's new Indian changeling boy which has thrown all nature into reverse.

Hernia and Lysander, by now thoroughly weary and lost, lie down to sleep, and Puck squeezes the juice on Lysander's eyes.

In this scene Oberon plans a malicious revenge by squeezing the juice of a certain flower on Tytania's sleeping eyes, he can make her 'madly dote' on the first creature she sees after waking.

This is project I did last year, we had to create a series of eight. I chose to do a packet of eight on the version of the play Midsummer Nights Dream, in this scene Hermia and Lysander are vowing eternal devotion to one another, even though Hermia's father has forbidden the match, they run into the forrest together